Here’s how some of your favourite Para badminton players are coping with lockdowns in different parts of the world.


Cynthia Mathez (Switzerland) – Women’s singles Wheelchair (WH1)

  • I get up every day as usual and train as hard as I possibly can. I do a cardio session in the morning and a fitness session in the afternoon. I’ve made a programme because I have no contact with my coach, but I am in contact with Team France who help me to stay motivated.
  • If we do nothing, we lose strength and endurance. Giving yourself challenges each day help motivate you.
  • I live with my boyfriend so I’m not alone. I’m always in touch with friends via social network or Skype. I don’t have new hobbies but I’m cooking more. Still, there are no positives to being away from the circuit and badminton courts. I miss them.

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